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The Austro British, Swedish Chambers of Commerce and Hilton Plaza hotel are inviting you to the City of Spies Roaring Thursday event. Have a drink and and meet the director, the producer and the lead actor of "City of Spies", a quirky spy thriller currently being shot.

Enjoy the James Bond flair while sipping on drinks & networking together with the members of the Finnish-Austrian Economic Forum, Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Handelskammer Schweiz-Österreich-Liechtenstein (HKSÖL), Austro-American Society, OPEC, OFID, British Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia and many more.

Protischránkový zákon je už účinný 3 mesiace. Jeho tvorca Andrej Leontiev Vám povie všetko dôležité, čo b yste o zákone mali vedieť. Prediskutuje s Vami tak podstatu zákona, ako aj praktické stránky jeho aplikácie a skúsenosti z praxe.

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Vstup voľný

Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) 
which will take place at 5:30pm 
on Monday 26th June 2017 on
sailing boat Žilina


 Agenda of the AGM:

  • Introduction by Mr. Quentin Crossley, the Chairman of the Board.
  • Presentation on the past year’s activities of the Chamber by Ms. Denisa Brighton, the Executive Director.
  • Approval of the Annual Report for 2016, Financial Report for 2016 and the Budget for 2017 included therein.
  • Any other business.

Summer Sailing Party 2017 

After the official Annual General Meeting, we will celebrate at our Summer Sailing Party 2017. 

This will follow on from the AGM on sailing boat Žilina.


Attendees can cancel their registration up to 5 working days before the event is held, without any cancellation fee.  After this time, € 39 will be charged to your company. Attendees from non-member companies will be asked to include invoicing details following the registration.


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