The xCEEd Event - the latest Innovation from the UK´s FinTech sector

You are invited to join an exciting event targeted at the FinTech Sector! All BritCham members interested in joining the event are eligible to ask for a special code to get a great 25% discount when applying by March 15th, 2017! The event is set to create real step change within the FinTech Sector in Central and Eastern Europe. Do not miss this out!

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Running from 17-19th May in Belgrade, this event is an optimum mix of keynote sessions from the UK's leading banks, insights from regulators, interactive panels and live demonstrations from the UK's hottest FinTech Start-Ups.

xCEEd brings together the latest in FinTech innovation and the crème de la crème of UK's finance and tech sectors. This opportunity enables our carefully targeted delegates to tap into domain expertise from UK's professionals with proven use case experience at the forefront of digital banking. Covering a range of topics from UX, AI and Blockchain, this event offers innovation from latest and very best of the UK's FinTech sector. The size and mix of this event provides the best opportunity to learn and deliver real change.

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