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The British Chamber of Commerce brings you a fantastic opportunity to improve your online marketing skills in collaboration with the Atte ACADEMY n.o.

We have created 6 modules designed to prepare individuals for complex online marketing challenges and give a balanced view of different aspects of digital marketing.


About Atte ACADEMY n.o.:

Atte ACADEMY n.o. is a nonprofit organization. Atte ACADEMY was established to enhance the marketing skills of anyone seeking professional development in the area of online marketing.

Those who are interested in building successful brands, building the skills of new managers, or enhancing online marketing within the organization are strongly encouraged to participate.

Distinguished representatives of the digital marketing sector served as advisers to develop this program. Outstanding practitioners teach the courses.


The sessions will be held at BritCham offices in Bratislava on last Thursday of the month, 8:30-10:00. Please call now to book:  Ms. Katarína Komorová 02/3266 1949 or

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