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The British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic (BCCSR), founded in 1998, is an unparalleled amenity for British companies, British nationals and local businesses in Slovakia. 

The organisation provides a dedicated service and works diligently to discover new opportunities for its members while organising uniquely exceptional events. The British Chamber of Commerce is a prime pillar of support for UK and Slovak companies alike, and recent changes in the Chamber have set the stage for more exciting opportunities in the near future.

The British Chamber of Commerce is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to building strong business relationships between the United Kingdom, Slovakia and countries all over the world. The Chamber provides an ideal network and platform for business people to facilitate their dialogue and thus create opportunities for cooperative business ventures throughout Slovakia.

As a member of the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Continental Europe (COBCOE), the British Chamber of Commerce is in constant communication with and have access to the resources of over 30 countries here in Europe. The opportunities for networking and business partnerships are numerous and invaluable.

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The British Slovak Business Centre (BSBC), a joint initiative of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic (BCCSR) and United Kingdom Trade and Investment (UKTI), was officially opened by Minster of State for Trade and Investment Lord Livingston on 5 March 2014.

The BSBC provides extensive SME services, business events, facilities for client meetings and workshops, office hot desking and more. The space caters to the needs of British businesses looking to do business in the Slovak market, and will have facilities open to use by both British and Slovak businesses. Services for UK exporters are a key area of focus for the Business Centre, and the British Chamber of Commerce will provide new and improved services for local business. Click here to learn more about the British Slovak Business Centre.

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